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Look for Episode 181 to drop this coming weekend! 

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Episode 183 - Boston Bulldogs

Bryan and Peter welcome the Boston Bulldogs Running Club to the WGBH Studio at the Boston Public Library. Coach Mike Ferullo talks about how he …

Episode 182 - Top of the Decade, TO YOU!

Peter and Bryan welcome the New Year! In their first check-in post Millinocket, they talk about returning to running and powering through illness. Then, Peter shares how a new documentary …

Episode 181 – Millinocket 2019

It's the 2019 Millinocket Marathon and Half weekend recap! Peter and Bryan grab their window spot at the Moose Drop In to watch the runners come in and chat about their own race experience. …

Episode 180 – Sean Quinn

It's the pre-Thanksgiving episode to entertain you on your way to wherever you're traveling! Peter attends a toy show and Bryan enjoys nature's beauty. Then they are joined by Sean Quinn, a …

Episode 179 – Amanda Nurse and Ellen London

It's been a busy week! Peter reenters the world of double-digit runs and Bryan tackles NP Boston's intense #WOahMAN triathlon. They return once again to the WGBH Studios at the Boston …

Episode 178 - Pattie Himes McNally

Bryan and Peter return to the Boston Public Library, where they welcome the force behind the Millinocket Marathon and Half social media accounts, Pattie Himes McNally.

Pattie (a Millinocket …

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