Episode 223 – Push-Ups 101

51 minutes

This week, Bryan returns to running with a bang—a snowy WOahMAN with his friend Joev Dubach—while Peter returns to walking with doctor approval. Then, Peter has a one-on-one session with push-up expert Emily Saul of the November Project. Emily gives Peter advice on his push-up endeavor and talks about the dance between having strong discipline and strong self-compassion. She shares a new strategy she's trying for her 125 daily push-ups called EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute), explains how to standardize a push-up, and talks about how the practice that Peter is building with his push-up challenge will apply to other aspects of life. Plus, a new running app inspired by Bryan's Soul Searching Solstice Run (developed by HWYRTian Eric Nelson).

Download the Soul-Searching Ultra Clock for Android here:


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