Episode 188 – Ithamar Jotkowitz

69 minutes

Peter and Bryan go on a guided running tour of Boston with City Running Tours and learn a whole lot they didn't know about their hometown. Then they chat with Dr. Ithamar Jotkowitz of Outback Physical Therapy about the Australian approach to PT and learn more about the science of Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max testing. They discuss what Bryan has adjusted in his training since his VO2 Max testing a year ago, and Dr. Jotkowitz shares the non-so-secret science of better running (hint: go slow and eat more!). Plus, the eternal question: Can a doctor follow his own advice when training for a marathon?

Note: This episode mentions several charity events shared by HWYRTians who are raising money for the Boston Marathon. These events will likely be canceled by the time of this podcast airing. Please consider supporting the charities anyway if you can!

Check out all the cities avaialbe to you at cityrunningtours.com

Learn more about Outback Physical Therapy and VO2 Max testing at www.outbackpt.com

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Start listening to Episode 239 – Pam Rickard Returns!
Start listening to Episode 239 – Pam Rickard Returns!