Episode 123 - BAA History Lesson

73 minutes

Bryan and Peter welcome friend-of-the-show Paul Davies to the Boston Public Library Studio to discuss the building's amazing history as the first home to the Boston Athletic Association. Paul describes the early days of the BAA, including its exclusive facilities, how it started the Boston Marathon, and why the start and finish are where they are today! Paul also talks about which races he will and won't be running in 2018 and gives an introduction to parkrun USA (followed by an update from Peter on his first parkrun event). Then, Peter shares some news about his Boilermaker 15K entry, and Bryan shares how he plans to get back into running and racing in 2018. Finally, we Follow the Cent as we join Vinnie Cent for his conversation with Sierra Rebecca, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn. Following their winning relay race at the Celebrate Life Half Marathon, which honors those who have fought against cancer, Vinnie and Sierra sit down to talk about their experiences as young athletes and as cancer survivors, the struggles around survivorship beyond the illness itself, and how they have found community and support within NP and within organizations focused on young cancer survivors.

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