How Was Your Run Today? presents: Five Weeks of Chaugust Challenge 2021

Five Weeks of Chaugust Challenge 2021

YES! It’s August. One month before HWYRTians begin our 3-month training for Millinocket!

The core activity for this year’s August Challenge (aka, Chaugust) is 5k-a-day. Before you ask, NO, this is not a run streak. It’s a movement streak. If you want to run a 5k-a-day, go for it, but beware of the toll that run streaks can take on your body (ask Peter about that one May awhile back). What we’re really looking for are “5k equivalent” activities that are not necessarily a huge challenge on their own, but a daily commitment to them for an entire month that will take dedication and planning. Every HWYRTian can create their own list of 5k-a-day equivalents. Here are some examples from Peter and Bryan’s list:

  • Run - 5k (duh!)
  • Walk - 45 minutes
  • Bike - 1 hour
  • Swim - 20 minutes (we’re not triathletes!)
  • Kayak - 45 minutes
  • Canoe - 1.5 hours
  • Yoga - 1 hour
  • Spin - 40 minutes
  • Weight training - 40 minutes

The 5k equivalent can be an already scheduled workout, training plan, or vacation activity. For example, a stadium workout will be Bryan’s 5k-a-day on Wednesdays and Peter’s long paddle on a Friday afternoon will be his for that day. If you’re already training for a fall race, you’re probably already running 4+ days a week. So try to select non-running 5k equivalents like walking, yoga, or spin for the rest of the week.

Week 1 - The Base  (7/28 – 8/3)

  • 5k a day
    • It may be very helpful or even necessary to plan out your 5k-a-day’s for each week, especially if your schedule is busy and/or you are not used to daily activity. And have a back-up plan if the weather gets nasty.
  • Daily Journal
    • For each day’s 5k-a-day, log your time, weather, mileage, and other basic facts.
    • Answer this question every day: why are you doing this challenge?
    • Use this week to learn what time of day works well for you and which activities you can do most often.

Week 2 - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (8/4 – 8/10)

  • 5k a day
  • Daily Journal
    • Get real with what you are not doing. What aspects of your training and your life are you ignoring, putting off, or half-assing? List some actions you can take this month and this year to even things out. For example:
      • Core strength - may we recommend  SAM Phase 1 Easy
      • Food -  really take a look at what you are eating. Where can you make improvements?
      • Finances - money can be a major source of stress, evaluate if there are actions or changes you need to take in this area.
      • Relationships - who do you know that needs a call from you? Start dialing.
      • Sleep - are you getting enough sleep and waking up rested every morning?
  • Meditate
    • This one is no longer optional …but that doesn’t make it easier. Find a meditation style and do it for at least 5 minutes every day this week. It’s ok if you are terrible at it and your mind wanders and you just make mental to-do lists for 5 minutes. Try again tomorrow. There are many different styles and so many apps, podcasts, and recordings to help you along. Just pick one and do it. And then pick another one and try that too. 5 minutes a day, minimum.

Week 3 - Miles of Smiles (8/11 – 8/17)

  • 5k a day
  • Daily Journal
    • Each day list at least 5 things you are grateful for.
  • Foot rubs!
    • At least once a day spend several minutes rubbing your bare feet. We ask them to do so much for us and we need to appreciate them. So, as you’re rubbing your feet everyday this week (yes with lotion, get crazy) be sure to thank them for all they do.
  • Art appreciation
    • While you are rubbing your feet, indulge in music, film, or other art that you find stimulating or relaxing. Preferably something different than your normal go to.

Week 4 - The Grind  (8/18 – 8/24)

  • 5k a day
    • 3 Hard days
      • Pick 3 days this week to go hard. Get your sweat on and push yourself.
    • 3 Easy Days
      • Pick 3 days this week to s-l-o-w down. Ignore the distance and the pace and go even slower than you think is possible. Maybe wear jeans for your run or walk with an old dog. Go with a friend who you know wants to go slowly. Whatever you need to do to set your ego aside and do these activities at a low heart rate.
    • 1 rest day.
      • Take it when you need it during the week or save it for the end. You earned it.
  • Daily Journal
    • Record how you feel before and after each 5k-a-day activity
  • Focus on hydration.
    • Ensure you are drinking enough fluids every day and during workouts.

Week 5 - Celebration in Motion (8/25 – 8/31)

  • 5k a day
    • Feel good - smile during your workouts and let everyone know how your run was today.
    • Look good - Wear your favorite workout gear - if you need to, wash that one PathProjects shirt every day.
    • Repeat some of your favorite activities or find completely new exciting locations.
    • Share your joy by inviting friends for your 5k-a-days
  • Daily Journal
    • Record as much of the experience of each day’s 5k as you can - sights, sounds, smells, your internal monologue, and, of course, listen to your body and write down what it said too.

"The Smidge"

  • Send HWYRT a voice memo describing your August Challenge experience. Please keep it to a minute or two in length and email it to
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