Vinnie Cent appears in all of these fine HWYRT episodes: 

Episode 137 - We Follow the Cent to Kansas City where Vinnie Cent sits down with recently retired NP Kansas City co-leader John Kohler. John describes how his experience at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the year of the bombing, led him to connect with fellow runners on social media, and how that eventually helped him discover November Project (and starts a new tribe in Kansas City). He also talks about the after-school program he started to get kids more active and about the importance of challenging ourselves to move out of our comfort zone.

Episode 135 - We follow Vinnie Cent to Atlanta, where he chats with Coco Esser of the November Project Atlanta tribe. Coco describes how she got into distance running, made ALL the mistakes, and fell in love with the sport. She also talks about getting into running groups when she moved to Atlanta and how she found her home with NP. 

 Episode 134 - Vinnie Cent travels to Virginia Beach to chat with Nic King. Nic, who ran an amazing 14 races in one year for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, talks about how he got started with running, how he discovered November Project, and how engaging with other runners  has helped him come out of his shell and find his community. 

Episode 133 - Vinnie Cent travels to Baltimore and talks with NP's Hallie Herz. Hallie shares how she got involved in the November Project and how she hopes to encourage more inclusiveness within the NP community, particularly for LGBTQ members. Hallie also talks about her participation in the Baltimore XFest, a comedy festival specifically designed for women and gender minorities in comedy.

Episode 131 - Vinnie Cent interviews NP Philly's Jessica Wayashe, who participated in the Run Across Haiti, a 230-mile, seven-day(!) fundraiser to support the work of preparing and placing families in Haiti into good, dignified jobs, including jobs on the Run. Jessica describes the experience of training for and participating in the event. She also shares how running helped connect her with a community and how she chronicles her experiences and tries to inspire others in her blog

Episode 128 - Vinnie Cent  talks with NPer Jessica Colgan-Snyder, who is also assistant director at Camp Hawkeye, a unique summer camp that makes diversity and breaking of boundaries its main goals. Jessica talks about the camp's mission and her hilarious and amazing Stache for Cash fundraising efforts. Finally, an update from Bryan about his PT progress as he inches THISCLOSE to his triumphant return to running. Donate to Jessica’s Stache for Cash, Camp Hawkeye fundraiser (and see some awesome photos of Jessica's stashes!) 

Episode 125 - Peter and Bryan interview Vinnie Cent about the incredible cross-country trip he's about to embark on. Vinnie talks about his inspiration for the journey on the 15-year anniversary of his cancer recovery and the connections he hopes to make on the way. Peter and Bryan also grill him on his plans to strap on the feedbag in search of the best local cuisine.  Read more about Vinnie Cent here:

 Episode 123 -  Vinnie Cent interviews Sierra Rebecca, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn. Following their winning relay race at the Celebrate Life Half Marathon, which honors those who have fought against cancer, Vinnie and Sierra sit down to talk about their experiences as young athletes and as cancer survivors, the struggles around survivorship beyond the illness itself, and how they have found community and support within NP and within organizations focused on young cancer survivors.

Episode 107 - Bryan catches up with NP Philly tribe member Vinnie Cent about his plans for an incredible NP adventure.


Vinnie Cent (aka The Wireless Athlete) is celebrating his 30th orbit around the sun by traveling across the United States and Canada.

Beginning in April, at the Boston Marathon, Vinnie will criss-cross the continent hosting group runs, working out with 30+ November Project tribes, and managing a run streak competition called, A Streak To Remember.

Along the way, Vinnie will meet awesome and interesting people. Some of those people will be interviewed and featured on "How Was Your Run Today?" during Vinnie's #followthecent show segments.

Are you awesome and interesting?  We think so too! One of those awesome and interesting people should be you! For that to happen, you absolutely must make plans to meet up with Vinnie when he visits a city near you and #followthecent

We encourage you to take 3 minutes to read Vinnie's deeply personal reasons for this epic quest. 

Register for A Streak To Remember to earn prizes and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.