Vinnie Cent (aka The Wireless Athlete) is celebrating his 30th orbit around the sun by traveling across the United States and Canada.

Beginning in April, at the Boston Marathon, Vinnie will criss-cross the continent hosting group runs, working out with 30+ November Project tribes, and managing a run streak competition called, A Streak To Remember.

Along the way, Vinnie will meet awesome and interesting people. Some of those people will be interviewed and featured on "How Was Your Run Today?" during Vinnie's #followthecent show segments.

Are you awesome and interesting?  We think so too! One of those awesome and interesting people should be you! For that to happen, you absolutely must make plans to meet up with Vinnie when he visits a city near you and #followthecent

We encourage you to take 3 minutes to read Vinnie's deeply personal reasons for this epic quest. 

You can also listen to Bryan and Vinnie's conversation recorded moments after a November Project workout the day after Thanksgiving. 

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