Episode 129 - Runstreet

Episode description

It's May, so Peter finally gets to ask Bryan the big question: "How was your run today?" And...he gets an answer! Then they go back in time once more to the Boston Marathon to respond to a listener question about their experience. They describe the crazy marathon-day weather conditions atop Heartbreak Hill, and Peter shares his amazing experience meeting an international, first-time marathoner. Then, we listen in on Bryan's interview with Marnie Kunz, running coach, writer, and creator of Runstreet Art Runs, which takes runners of all levels on tours to explore local street art and murals. Marnie talks about how Runstreet got started in New York, the experience of leading the big Boston Marathon shakeout run, and where else she'd like to take Runstreet. Plus, an announcement about our upcoming Mother's Day episode!


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