Episode 131 - Call Waiting

Episode description

This week, we get an update on the great progress being made in the #rebuildbryan project, plus an update on how some friends of the show are doing with their goals. Next, it's story time! Bryan takes a wrong turn and finds himself in a place has never been, while Peter wrestles with his choices as a good Samaritan. Then, it's time to Follow the Cent! Vinnie Cent interviews NP Philly's Jessica Wayashe, who participated in the Run Across Haiti, a 230-mile, seven-day(!) fundraiser to support the work of preparing and placing families in Haiti into good, dignified jobs, including jobs on the Run. Jessica describes the experience of training for and participating in the event. She also shares how running helped connect her with a community and how she chronicles her experiences and tries to inspire others in her blog https://www.thewayashelives.com

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