Episode 128 - A Guide to Tim Sullivan

Hello, World!

Episode description

Peter travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has an eventful run and also rediscovers his love of meat. Then we travel back in time (a whole two weeks ago) to the BAA 5K when Tim Sullivan joined HWYRT at the BPL Boston to talk about his experience running with Peter as a guide. (They didn't fall!) Tim also shares his plans for a much bigger race closer to home. Then, we #followthecent with another dispatch from the road by Vinnie Cent. Vinnie talks with NPer Jessica Colgan-Snyder, who is also assistant director at Camp Hawkeye, a unique summer camp that makes diversity and breaking of boundaries its main goals. Jessica talks about the camp's mission and her hilarious and amazing Stache for Cash fundraising efforts. Finally, an update from Bryan about his PT progress as he inches THISCLOSE to his triumphant return to running.

Witness Tim's video of the run

Donate to Tim’s fundraiser

MA Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Donate to Jessica’s Stache for Cash, Camp Hawkeye fundraiser (and see some awesome photos of Jessica's stashes!) 

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