Episode 125 - Vinnie Cent

Episode description

Bryan makes progress in physical therapy but worries about getting back to running. Meanwhile, Peter prepares to guide Tim Sullivan at the BAA 5K, but first he needs some guidance from Tim. Then, an interview with Vinnie Cent about the incredible cross-country trip he's about to embark on. Vinnie talks about his inspiration for the journey on the 15-year anniversary of his cancer recovery and the connections he hopes to make on the way. Peter and Bryan also grill him on his plans to strap on the feedbag in search of the best local cuisine. Plus, some announcements about the Run Millinocket film by award-winning filmmaker Greg Shea, the HWYRT Boston Marathon weekend plans, the HWYRT Boilermaker 15K team, and Millinocket 2018.

Read more about Vinnie Cent here: https://www.wirelessathlete.com/blog/

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