Episode 122 - Ian Nurse

Episode description

HWYRT returns to their studio at the Boston Public Library for a super-big episode! Peter shares his artistic talents and talks about his not-so-great Saturday run. Bryan describes his latest recovery efforts and introduces a special Run 4 All Women event hosted by their new ambassador (and HWYRT Artist-in-Residence) Andrea Bonney Gould. Then they are joined by physical therapist and elite runner Dr. Ian Nurse (just call him "Ian"). Ian talks about his clinic, Wellness in Motion Boston, where they specialize in treating soft-tissue related injuries and help get athletes back to their activities. He then shares his own history as a runner and how he still manages to run 100+ miles per week! Ian also describes the role that running played in helping him meet his wife, elite runner Amanda Nurse, and their current lives as brand-new parents. Also discussed: the amazing Boston running community, the Boston Marathon experience (as seen from the front of the pack), how to run on easy days, the stretching gene, the importance of the right running shoes, and how Ian feels about trail running, ultras, and triathlons. Then, Igor Babushkin returns to face Peter and Bryan and discuss the elephant in the room—the Clyde Army Challenge. Plus, Jeremy Shaw-Munderback talks about life as a non-Clyde.

Wellness in Motion

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