Episode 113 - "How Was Your Row Today?"

Episode description

Peter and Bryan do some artisanal podcasting on the coldest day of the year. Bryan celebrates his PT progress as he says "goodbye" to his crutches. Peter takes his life into his own hands on a low-end home treadmill. Then, Bryan describes the amazing exhibits that the Goulds explored at the Boston Museum of Science, including why he and Peter are not qualified to play football and how they could stay safe in a lighting storm. And, they lament the race registration blues. Finally, they are joined by HWYRTian Michael Goff, who talks about his first marathon in Philly and his running goals, and Catharine Gould, who explains the ins and outs of high school crew.

Vinnie Cent - Wireless Athlete: https://www.wirelessathlete.com

Vinnie Cent - The 30 Tribe Tour: https://november-project.com/2018-goals-by-vinnie¢-celebrating-30-by-visiting-30-tribes/

Boston Museum of Science: https://www.mos.org

MOS - 1970's "It's fun to find out" commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA3ndE42iJA

Wayland-Weston Crew: http://wwcrew.org

Boilermaker: http://www.boilermaker.com

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