Episode 63 - "Run-in-Place"

The Run-in-Place Party and Podcast Extravaganza was an event like no other. As a snowstorm raged outside, HWYRT joined forces with Coach Dan Fitzgerald and his team at the Heartbreak Hill Running Company for running, shopping, beer drinking, and, of course, podcasting. Partygoers mingled and tried out the amazing treadmill classes, while Bryan and Peter talked with new and experienced runners about how they train, the races they've run, and what they have planned next. The night ended with a raffle that helped two runners add over $1,000 to benefit their Boston Marathon charity running teams.

More info about the amazing HHRCo running studio 

If you would like to make a donation to Peter’s running of the 2017 Boston Marathon for Spaulding Rehabilitation, please visit: https://www.crowdrise.com/spauldingrehabboston17/fundraiser/petervilla