Episode 131 - Call Waiting

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This week, we get an update on the great progress being made in the #rebuildbryan project, plus an update on how some friends of the show are doing with their goals. Next, it's story time! Bryan takes a wrong turn and finds himself in a place has never been, while Peter wrestles with his choices as a good Samaritan. Then, it's time to Follow the Cent! Vinnie Cent interviews NP Philly's Jessica Wayashe, who participated in the Run Across Haiti, a 230-mile, seven-day(!) fundraiser to support the work of preparing and placing families in Haiti into good, dignified jobs, including jobs on the Run. Jessica describes the experience of training for and participating in the event. She also shares how running helped connect her with a community and how she chronicles her experiences and tries to inspire others in her blog https://www.thewayashelives.com

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Episode 130 - Another Mother Runner’s Day With Sarah Bowen Shea

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We are celebrating Mother's Day with our special guest, Another Mother Runner's Sarah Bowen Shea. Sarah chats with us about how college crew got her into running, how she started the Another Mother Runner podcast with Dimity McDowell, and how they grew their small venture into a big business. Sarah also shares how she defines success, the power of the AMR tribe (and other running communities), and how to stay positive when coming back from injury. Plus, house parties, found money, Bart Yasso, Daniel Craig, and a fair amount of TMI.

Check out AMR: https://anothermotherrunner.com

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Episode 129 - Runstreet

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It's May, so Peter finally gets to ask Bryan the big question: "How was your run today?" And...he gets an answer! Then they go back in time once more to the Boston Marathon to respond to a listener question about their experience. They describe the crazy marathon-day weather conditions atop Heartbreak Hill, and Peter shares his amazing experience meeting an international, first-time marathoner. Then, we listen in on Bryan's interview with Marnie Kunz, running coach, writer, and creator of Runstreet Art Runs, which takes runners of all levels on tours to explore local street art and murals. Marnie talks about how Runstreet got started in New York, the experience of leading the big Boston Marathon shakeout run, and where else she'd like to take Runstreet. Plus, an announcement about our upcoming Mother's Day episode!


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Episode 128 - A Guide to Tim Sullivan

Hello, World!

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Peter travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has an eventful run and also rediscovers his love of meat. Then we travel back in time (a whole two weeks ago) to the BAA 5K when Tim Sullivan joined HWYRT at the BPL Boston to talk about his experience running with Peter as a guide. (They didn't fall!) Tim also shares his plans for a much bigger race closer to home. Then, we #followthecent with another dispatch from the road by Vinnie Cent. Vinnie talks with NPer Jessica Colgan-Snyder, who is also assistant director at Camp Hawkeye, a unique summer camp that makes diversity and breaking of boundaries its main goals. Jessica talks about the camp's mission and her hilarious and amazing Stache for Cash fundraising efforts. Finally, an update from Bryan about his PT progress as he inches THISCLOSE to his triumphant return to running.

Witness Tim's video of the run

Donate to Tim’s fundraiser

MA Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Donate to Jessica’s Stache for Cash, Camp Hawkeye fundraiser (and see some awesome photos of Jessica's stashes!) 

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Episode 127 - Boston Marathon 2018

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It's our big Boston Marathon 2018 special! We begin with an event no one thought would ever come -- Alison Mariella Désir, founder of Harlem Run and Run 4 All Women, finally joins her friends Peter and Bryan IN PERSON. Alison talks about the efforts underway by Run 4 All Women to support activism around the 2018 midterm elections and about the amazing events in her personal and professional life since she last spoke with HWYRT. Next, runner and blogger Jennifer Kyle, aka jbirdruns, describes how she began running, how she expanded from blogger to athlete ambassador, and how she balances the public with the private when writing her blog. Then, Amanda Nurse runs out of the Boston Marathon catalog and into the podcast seat to talk about her plans to train for the Olympic trials. She also shares how she first got into running when she moved to Boston and how she is now returning to running following the birth of her son. Finally, Chris Heuisler of RunWestin stops by to share a few of his many AMAZING stories, including his part in helping to honor Meb Keflezighi on his retirement and how he chatted with Shalane Flanagan on marathon weekend. Plus, Chris offers advice to new runners.

Find out more about all of our guests from this show: 

Harlem Run

Run 4 All Women

J Bird Runs

Amanda Nurse

Thank you Meb video by Chris Heuisler

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Episode 126 - Ellen's Taper Trap

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Boston Marathon weekend is here, and Peter and Bryan sit down with fast, funny Ellen London to talk her through her taper trap. They chat about the amazing field of elite women runners coming to Boston, race day clothes, how not to freak out about the weather, and pre-race traditions. Also, advice for runners coming to Boston for the first time and all the amazing HWYRT weekend events spanning TV, radio, and live at the Boston Public Library near the finish line of the greatest race in the world!

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Episode 125 - Vinnie Cent

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Bryan makes progress in physical therapy but worries about getting back to running. Meanwhile, Peter prepares to guide Tim Sullivan at the BAA 5K, but first he needs some guidance from Tim. Then, an interview with Vinnie Cent about the incredible cross-country trip he's about to embark on. Vinnie talks about his inspiration for the journey on the 15-year anniversary of his cancer recovery and the connections he hopes to make on the way. Peter and Bryan also grill him on his plans to strap on the feedbag in search of the best local cuisine. Plus, some announcements about the Run Millinocket film by award-winning filmmaker Greg Shea, the HWYRT Boston Marathon weekend plans, the HWYRT Boilermaker 15K team, and Millinocket 2018.

Read more about Vinnie Cent here: https://www.wirelessathlete.com/blog/

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Episode 124 - Fallback Week

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It's fallback week, and Bryan and Peter are taking stock. Peter gives updates on his training, while Bryan looks for inspiration on his spin bike. They also walk for some great causes and search for signs of spring. Then, Bryan looks to Peter for advice on how to slowly get back into running. He then ignores all suggestions and forges is own BIG plans for 2019...and tries to bring Peter along for the ride.


Episode 123 - BAA History Lesson

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Bryan and Peter welcome friend-of-the-show Paul Davies to the Boston Public Library Studio to discuss the building's amazing history as the first home to the Boston Athletic Association. Paul describes the early days of the BAA, including its exclusive facilities, how it started the Boston Marathon, and why the start and finish are where they are today! Paul also talks about which races he will and won't be running in 2018 and gives an introduction to parkrun USA (followed by an update from Peter on his first parkrun event). Then, Peter shares some news about his Boilermaker 15K entry, and Bryan shares how he plans to get back into running and racing in 2018. Finally, we Follow the Cent as we join Vinnie Cent for his conversation with Sierra Rebecca, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn. Following their winning relay race at the Celebrate Life Half Marathon, which honors those who have fought against cancer, Vinnie and Sierra sit down to talk about their experiences as young athletes and as cancer survivors, the struggles around survivorship beyond the illness itself, and how they have found community and support within NP and within organizations focused on young cancer survivors.

To contact Paul about his coaching: padavies67@gmail.com

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Episode 122 - Ian Nurse

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HWYRT returns to their studio at the Boston Public Library for a super-big episode! Peter shares his artistic talents and talks about his not-so-great Saturday run. Bryan describes his latest recovery efforts and introduces a special Run 4 All Women event hosted by their new ambassador (and HWYRT Artist-in-Residence) Andrea Bonney Gould. Then they are joined by physical therapist and elite runner Dr. Ian Nurse (just call him "Ian"). Ian talks about his clinic, Wellness in Motion Boston, where they specialize in treating soft-tissue related injuries and help get athletes back to their activities. He then shares his own history as a runner and how he still manages to run 100+ miles per week! Ian also describes the role that running played in helping him meet his wife, elite runner Amanda Nurse, and their current lives as brand-new parents. Also discussed: the amazing Boston running community, the Boston Marathon experience (as seen from the front of the pack), how to run on easy days, the stretching gene, the importance of the right running shoes, and how Ian feels about trail running, ultras, and triathlons. Then, Igor Babushkin returns to face Peter and Bryan and discuss the elephant in the room—the Clyde Army Challenge. Plus, Jeremy Shaw-Munderback talks about life as a non-Clyde.

Wellness in Motion

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