Episode 79 - "Burn Before Running"

"Fast and Funny Ellen London" joins Bryan and Peter for a check-in on Bryan’s hip injury and to discuss Bryan's plans around managing it. Then Peter reveals a secret he’s been keeping from Bryan since Marathon Day! That revelation leads to a deeper discussion about superstitions and running. 

Gilad's "Bodies In Motion"

Episode 78 - "Chicken Run"

Bryan and Peter step out of the studio for a visit to the great outdoors. Okay, it’s really just Bryan’s backyard. But, there’s nature! Peter confesses he is mulling the idea of an ultra race sooner rather than later. Bryan confesses he is injured and thinking about his next steps to resolve the issue. Plus, Peter learns a bit about raising chickens. 

Episode 77 - Sabrina Dello Russo

Peter and Bryan welcome Sabrina Dello Russo who talks about starting long distance running after she and her friends were injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. She shares how she hopes to inspire other new runners as the lead runner for the Seacoast Running Festival this June. Then, more stories of woe and triumph from this year's marathon as Sabrina and Peter compare notes. Later, Bryan and Peter chat with super-fans Corinne and Jeremy who had come to wave HWYRT signs outside the studio windows. Corinne, known to some as Boston's Running Unicorn, ran all of her Boston Marathon training miles wearing a unicorn horn to raise money for Brookline Libraries.

This episode is sponsored by the Seacoast Running Festival, held on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18th.  Listeners who register by May 14th with discount code “HWYRT” will receive 50% off the registration fee!

Episode 75 - 2017 Boston Marathon Experience "Too Many Guests To List"

Our 75th episode has it all. No, really. That’s why it is so long. Settle in and get comfortable, people. This one is worth it. Recorded on Saturday, April 15, 2017, two days before the 121st running of the Boston Marathon, at the WGBH Studio at the Boston Public Library.

Guest Mile Markers:

00:02:53    Brogan Graham & Bojan Mandaric

00:21:40    Rebecca Lipscomb

00:37:30    Lori Mitchener & Paul Chekal

00:54:11     Dr. Chris Carter

01:01:30     Tim Sullivan & Mark Remy

01:18:20     Chris Heuisler & Jared Ward

01:34:30     Emily Saul

01:41:27      Kelly Roberts

02:08:15     Mike Wardian 

02:37:07    Dan Fitzgerald & Rebecca Pacheco & Edith Fitzgerald

This episode is sponsored by the Seacoast Running Festival, held on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18th.  Listeners who register by May 14th with discount code “HWYRT” will receive 50% off the registration fee!

Episode 72 – Eileen Lingley & Tim Morris

Bryan is on the injury deck again, while Peter has completed his 21-mile training run. Also, it's Week 3 of the Clyde Army Countdown. Then the guys speak with brother and sister running team, Eileen Lingley and Tim Morris. The siblings are running the Boston Marathon for Spaulding Hospital’s Race for Rehab Team. This will be Eileen’s first Boston Marathon (and fourth marathon in 18 months!) and Tim’s second year in the wheelchair division.

Please consider donating to Eileen and Tim’s “Siblings for Spaulding” Team Run! 


Episode 71 - Wayne Levy

Over the last 35 years, Wayne Levy has run more than 100,000 miles. What does he do when he’s not out running more than halfway to the Moon? He serves on the Boston Athletic Association Board of Governors and the Advisory Board for Back on My Feet Boston, and he manages RunBoston, a company that provides historical running tours in Boston. Bryan and Peter get Wayne to give them the lowdown on the benefits of running a “daily dime,” find out what happened the first time Wayne attempted to run the Boston Marathon, and go in-depth on ways to avoid injury. Plus, Peter provides an update on Week 4 of the Clyde Army Countdown.


Donate to Peter's running of the 2017 Boston Marathon in support of Spaulding Hospital. 

Episode 70 - Tim Sullivan & Mark Remy

Peter survives running 18 miles on the treadmill, while Bryan considers never using a treadmill again. Then they talk with two runners who will be running the Boston Marathon together: Tim Sullivan, a visually impaired runner (and proud member of the Clyde Army) and writer Mark Remy (dumbrunner.com and Runner’s World) who will be Tim’s guide. They talk about how Tim got into running, how Mark has settled into runner’s paradise (a.k.a. Portland, OR), and how they came to be running the marathon together.

Contribute to Tim Sullivan's "Team with a Vision 2017"