Episode 174 - Call To Action!

Bryan's back from river rafting in Utah and singing the praises of taking breaks from running. Peter is holding steady on his training. Plus, HWYRT "goes to the phones" in a brand new segment. They take a call from listener Jeannette who is asking her fellow HWYRTians to help her soar past the $500 fundraising goal for the 20th Annual Flutie 5K next week! She is running on behalf of her son, Robbie. Please visit her fundraising page


Episode 173 - Sometimes Running Is Silly

In this episode we get an update on Peter's successful return to running in the month of August. Then Peter tries to pull Bryan out of the deep doldrums, but faces resistance. Silliness ensues with an “unknown guest” and remembering the time they moved a free treadmill for the Social Media Guru.

Episode 172 – Humidity Humor

We’re back to one show per week. Well, at least for this week. Peter dodges construction as he plods through a humid run, while Bryan joins a friend in an intense stadium challenge. They share an announcement about the fourth running of the Crankle 2K! in Millinocket, Maine, and offer kudos to friends of the show on some MAJOR mileage races. Plus, Bryan asks for advice!