Episode 121 - HWYRT Meets E4E

Episode description

Bryan and Peter check in on the latest happenings. Bryan is back to walking stadiums and cheering for Artist-in-Residence Andrea Bonney Gould as she makes her triumphant return to running. Peter continues training for the BAA 5K and possibly running a shoe store out of his office. Then, the HWYRT guys join Ironman Certified Coach John Harris and athlete Rob Bozovich on their Endurance for Everyone podcast. They talk about how Bryan and Peter got started in podcasting, the challenge of endurance racing, the pull of the running community, and why runners make the best triathletes. Plus, destination races! And, a chance to win some AMAZING prizes during Vinnie Cent's "A Streak to Remember" challenge.

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Buying A Walk-In Bathtub – Your Biggest Mistake? | homeability.com

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Episode 119 - Everyone in Boston Loves to Run Lovefest Part 1

Episode description

HWYRT joins forces with Heartbreak Hill Running Company for the 2018 Everyone in Boston Loves to Run Lovefest! While runners and their guests mingle, shop, and donate money to the charity drawing, Peter and Bryan collect amazing running stories that have to be shared. In this episode, we hear from HWYRT fan favorites, last year's charity drawing winner, and a variety of runners, including first-time marathoners, multi-marathoners, and one of the original Heartbreakers.

Heartbreak Hill Running Company

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Episode 118 - The Return of Amy Moritz

Episode description

Bryan and Peter welcome back sports reporter, author, and athlete Amy Moritz. Amy is in town to report on the Buffalo Sabres game against the Boston Bruins, so naturally Peter and Bryan join her at the TD Garden during the Sabres warm-up. They talk with Amy about her experience self-publishing her book "I Thought You'd be Faster" and how it came out of her experience becoming an endurance athlete. Amy also talks about her work as a sports reporter, the challenge of not falling into the comparison trap as an athlete, and a moment that reminds her to focus on celebrating successes. Plus, an update on the Clyde army countdown. 

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Episode 117 - The Return of Lori Richmond

Episode description

Peter and Bryan take the show on the road to Times Square in NYC. While there, they catch up with author/illustrator/runner Lori Richmond, who talks about her fantastic new children's picture book "Bunny's Staycation." Lori also shares her experiences working with a personal trainer on strength training, proper running form, and eating well. Plus, they chat about Lori's race plans for 2018, not-at-all-creepy efforts to reach out to Shalane Flanagan, and a Crankle 2K verbal, of sorts.

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Episode 116 - Elizabeth Carr & Matt Norton of Back on My Feet

Episode description

Bryan puts out a new listener challenge to help him #RebuildBryan as he continues his recovery, while Peter gives an update on his and Igor Babushkin's progress on the new Clyde Army Countdown challenge. Then, Bryan and Peter welcome two amazing individuals from the Back on My Feet Boston organization: director Elizabeth Carr and charity runner Matt Norton. Matt shares how he became a runner and the critical role that running has played in his recovery, while Elizabeth talks about the goals of the BOMF organization and her ongoing challenge not to get lost during races. Peter and Bryan also share exciting new details about the big Heartbreak Hill Running Company and HWYRT event coming in February, and we get an update on what to expect from the #FollowtheCent adventure with Vinnie Cent. Plus, Bryan quizzes Peter on some less-modern words thanks to a list from FOTS Pattie Himes McNally. It's all a bit cacoethes.


Episode 115 - "Pedal Power"

Episode description

Bryan and Peter trade their recording studio for a spin studio to test out their pedal power. Peter tries to shake off the residue of 2017. Then the guys step into the medical tent where Bryan unburdens himself about the indignities of surgery recovery. They also announce an amazing upcoming Valentine’s Day event at Heartbreak Hill Running Company. Plus, the wonders of shoe horns, an update on the Crankle 2K instant pot, and Oscar-nominated movie recommendations!

New Balance Fitness Club


Episode 114 - "Crutchless"

Episode description

This week Bryan and Peter are on a tight schedule, but there's so much to talk about! Peter enlists fellow HWYRTians to help with obtaining SMG Anna Brooks's free, new-to-her treadmill. Peter also shares some concerns that people close to him have voiced about his running. Next, Peter's tale about rewatching a classic movie - John Carpenter's The Thing - brings back childhood memories for Bryan. Peter also takes an intensive treadmill class while Bryan and AIR Andrea Bonney Gould experience the art of framing. Finally, Bryan sings the praises of being crutchless, and Fast Funny Ellen London stops by to give some lessons on Millennial-speak.


Episode 113 - "How Was Your Row Today?"

Episode description

Peter and Bryan do some artisanal podcasting on the coldest day of the year. Bryan celebrates his PT progress as he says "goodbye" to his crutches. Peter takes his life into his own hands on a low-end home treadmill. Then, Bryan describes the amazing exhibits that the Goulds explored at the Boston Museum of Science, including why he and Peter are not qualified to play football and how they could stay safe in a lighting storm. And, they lament the race registration blues. Finally, they are joined by HWYRTian Michael Goff, who talks about his first marathon in Philly and his running goals, and Catharine Gould, who explains the ins and outs of high school crew.

Vinnie Cent - Wireless Athlete: https://www.wirelessathlete.com

Vinnie Cent - The 30 Tribe Tour: https://november-project.com/2018-goals-by-vinnie¢-celebrating-30-by-visiting-30-tribes/

Boston Museum of Science: https://www.mos.org

MOS - 1970's "It's fun to find out" commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA3ndE42iJA

Wayland-Weston Crew: http://wwcrew.org

Boilermaker: http://www.boilermaker.com

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Episode 112 - Greg Shea: Art & Athletics

Episode description

Bryan and Peter check in from the HWYRT snow bunker during the big "bomb cyclone" winter storm. They talk about their running, or lack thereof, since the Millinocket Marathon and Half. Then they are joined by award-winning filmmaker Greg Shea who talks about his experience filming the HWYRT team during the Millinocket race, as well as the next races he's hoping to feature on his Running with Cameras YouTube channel. Plus, a great new idea for a collaboration between Greg and HWYRT!

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